Dave Reece


Eggy to rock Corn Exchange 28/08/08

Dave Reece and Eric "Eggy" Liddle, youngest rock star, to open Borders new live rock event at The Corn Exchange in Newbury. The event will feature bands and artists that Borders promote. Amongst the bands playing include Jagged Lexicon, Juno and The Wookies.


Never too young to rock! 24/04/08

Eric Liddle (11 years old, from Tadley) is the first ever child to join other prestigious artists like The Foundations signed to record company, Acorn Music Group (Acorn Records and Acorn Publishing) thanks to his local private guitar teacher, Dave Reece. Eric’s first EP ‘Eggy’ will be released on worldwide downloads including iTunes, 7Digital, and Amazon on Monday, 28 April. A percentage (25% of the Net Profits) from the sales of his Rock, Pop and Country CD will go to Childlife, a children's charity. Full


Clown for the day goes worldwide! 03/08/07

Influential guitarist and songwriter Dave Reece gets signed to Acorn Music Group (Acorn Records and Acorn Publishing) known for their interests in material recorded by such diverse artists as Cliff Richard, James Brown, John Lennon and many more from every decade and genre of music.



Getting strung up about Curt Mangan 15/08/06

Dave Reece’s guitar students are due for a double dose of inspiration thanks to his endorsement deal with Curt Mangan – US renowned guitar string specialists. Dave’s students have already noticed the difference in the high quality Curt Mangan guitar strings and demand for the strings is growing. The Curt Mangan guitar strings can be purchased from WD Music Products.




Dave Reece heads school of Rock at The Hurst 13/03/06

Influential guitarist and songwriter, Dave Reece, has been appointed as electric guitar teacher at The Hurst Community College (Baughurst, Hants). The College was responding to a growing demand by students wishing to take up the electric guitar inspired by their Rock heroes like Green Day.

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